All's I got is time

Sunday, March 29, 2009 | |

At the beginning of March I set myself a task - to write one short story a week for the month. I hadn't engaged in any sort of creative writing since university (at best), and it's been an absolute joy to craft characters, create situations and weave real life anecdotes into narratives again. Last week I faltered, and haven't been able to finish my third story yet. I have myriad excuses - work, inner turmoil, lethargy - but I can't help but feel like I've failed. I know I haven't, or at least have to convince myself it's so. I've been mentally shuffling cards for the last few years - not writing, not reading as much as I should, focussing on endeavours outside of the written word - and I know that what I'm doing is going to slowly build muscle memory up top... I've just got to keep with it. I don't know how I went so long without devouring words; I so desperately want to do it all the time these days. I have legal pad, daily screeds of text, books piling up and printed journal articles everywhere. I need to write and read and craft characters and talk about how peculiar their habits are, I've just got to make time and enjoy it.


Back to Good Planets Are Hard To Find - Think Before You Print today. I can't wait.


Maddie said...

yes, please do! because i will read your stories!